Marketing and Advertising

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“We researched a bunch of puppet makers when it was time to create the puppet version of the mascot for one of our companies. The toughest part about hiring someone you haven't worked with is having the confidence that they “hear” you and get your vision. I have to say that Dan definitely “heard”us and delivered the exact character we were looking for. Working with Fuzzhead could not have been a better experience.” - Sam Mikhail, Jungle Communications, Inc.

Logos Give Your Brand An Identity. A Puppet Gives It A Personality!

Fuzzhead Puppets can design, build, and puppeteer custom characters to help promote and advertise your business. We work closely with you to understand the values and characteristics of your brand and strive to translate these into fun, one-of-a-kind characters that can get people excited about your company. CONTACT US to learn more.

Custom puppets can:

  • Be a spokesperson for the brand and help build a connection with customers
  • Engage customers in interactive marketing campaigns
  • Drive site traffic and help differentiate your brand from others
  • Create their own social media presence and increase the brand's “shareability”
  • Humanize the idea behind a product

Give Form To Your Ideas

Fuzzhead Puppets takes great care in making sure that the personality and uniqueness of your character is maintained throughout the entire process. From two-dimensional sketches to three-dimensional maquettes, our goal is to make sure that your puppet embodies all the characteristics of your brand.

Video and Performance

Theatre mask designed for Baron Stage's production of Midsummer/Jersey.

Fuzzhead Puppets specializes in creating custom puppets for TV, Film, Web, and Stage. Whether it’s for video or live theatre we build high quality characters designed specifically around your performance and production needs.

“Dan is an outstanding performer as well as a builder. You can tell he's spent plenty of time with his hand in a puppet from the way he designs them on the inside. He puts a lot of little touches in his puppets that make performing them effortless.” - Matt Bethune, Revolutionary Puppets

Puppeteers Make Characters Come Alive!

Anybody can make puppets move. But a puppeteer can make them come alive. With experience in both live stage and video puppetry, Fuzzhead Puppets can help bring your characters to life. If you’re in need of a puppeteer please CONTACT US. We'd love to be part of your next project!

Special Events and Occasions

Custom portrait puppets are a creative and fun way to celebrate those special moments in your life. For whatever the occasion our caricatures can help make your day more personalized, memorable, and entirely original. Just like you!

“The proof is in the product! Everyone loves our puppets.” - Ryan Giesen

Building Memories Together

We’ve been very lucky and honored for our work to be part of big events in people’s lives. From wedding proposals to marriages we’ve helped create special memories that leave a lasting impression. You can see more pictures and examples of our custom portrait puppets in our PORTFOLIO section.

Personalized caricature puppets are great for:

  • Engagements and Proposals
  • Wedding Invitations or Save The Date Cards
  • Work Promotions or Retirement
  • Graduation Announcements

CONTACT US and let us know how we can help create a custom portrait puppet just for you!

One-Of-A-Kind By Design

We create one of a kind caricatures that capture all your unique qualities. Starting with two-dimensional sketches, we work with you to find the best way to showcase your personality in puppet form.

Entertainment and Education

Fuzzhead Puppets is proud to present our brand new puppet show, Goldilocks and the Three Chefs. The story focuses on the importance of friendship, trust, and working together as a team. The show is an original story inspired by the classic fairy tale. With all original music and a cast of crazy characters, Goldilocks and the Three Chefs is a fun puppet show for the whole family to enjoy!

Check out our YAPSODY page for any upcoming events and ticketing information.

Sharing Our Love Of Puppets

Puppetry is an exciting art form that inspires creativity, imagination, and wonder in the hearts of it’s participants and audience. Regardless of your age, puppetry can bring a lot of fun into your life. We’d love to share that experience with you.

Please CONTACT US if you’re interested in booking us to perform at your venue or to run a workshop with your group. Let's play!